The 5 Best Engineered Cars

While the cars we drive to work and to the shops are themselves fine examples of automotive engineering, for the pinnacle of technical excellence you need to turn to racing and sports cars in their many forms. Check out five examples of the very best.

The Red Bull RB7 racing car. In the 2011 Formula One season, this was the dominant car, by far the best racing car on the circuit, winning both the individual driver’s title and also the constructor’s championship.

The RB7’s achievements were the result of continual development and innovation such as the introduction of its exhaust-blown diffuser, the addition of floor holes and special electronic engine maps that squeezed every ounce of power from the car’s 2.4 litre engine. Often these technical improvements had to be refined in the one to two week window between races.

The Bugatti Veyron Supersport. In just a few short years, with its stunning styling and awesome performance, this magnificent road car has become a legend. For those brave enough and with the space to do so, the Veyron can unleash a top speed of no less than 267mph, reaching the 60 mile an hour mark in just 2.4 seconds from a standing start. Recognised as the fastest road car ever made, to buy one of these phenomenal vehicles you would have to part with £1.6 million!

The McClaren F1 road car is widely regarded as the ultimate super car, eclipsing the likes of legendary names such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. It first went into production some twenty years ago and some say it is still the most beautiful car ever built. With a top speed of just 241mph it may not match the Veyron for pace, but with a price tag as high as £2.5 million, when it comes to cost it leaves the Veyron standing.

The Audi R18 e-tron Quattro is the first of a new breed of hybrid that is making inroads into the world of motor sport, this year winning the world’s most famous endurance car race – the Le Mans 24 Hour. To achieve success in a race that can last for over 3,000 miles, Audi engineers and drivers have to balance the quest for speed with the careful management of fuel, tyres, engine, transmission and brakes.

The Citroen DS3 WRC may be the nearest amongst this list to the vehicle that you and I drive, but in the hands of its driver, eight time world rally champion, Sébastien Loeb, it’s anything but. Unlike the other cars, which are designed to be driven on the road or flat race circuits, the DS3 has to combine speed, endurance and robustness to withstand the battering it gets from hurtling along narrow unmade forest tracks, being flung round hairpin bends, and the impact of landing after taking off over hump-back bridges!

And while these high performance cars may seem far removed from the family saloon, the engineering effort that goes into them ripples back to make the cars that we drive, safer, better and more efficient.

Make It Your Car – The Fun Factor

When it comes time to restore your classic car, you need to give some serious thought about what you want to do with the car, this will help determine how much money you’ll be spending on the car, now I realize that the plan can change as the work continues, but if you have a good plan about what it needs to be when it’s finished that work will progress a lot more smoothly, and this will always make the job a more enjoyable one, and one of the reasons that people restore their cars is so they can have fun with it, and make it their own car when it’s done.

If you would like a car that will handle through the corners, then you’ll need to think about spending some cash on the suspension and chassis, you’ll also need to think about what engine you want to run in the car, and the weight distribution of the engine, usually if your looking for a car that will provide thrills in the corners, you would think about upgrading the steering, and suspension to make the car do what you want it to do, and you might want to go that extra mile and move the engine back a few inches to re-distribute the weight more to the center of the car, this of course is a huge expense, and a lot of modification.

Now if your more of a 1/4 mile man, you’d need to think about getting the weight more to the back of the car, so when you roll up to the line for your launch, and rev it up, and put the power to it, the rear of the car will squat down to put the power of the car to the pavement, this can be achieved a lot more cheaply then the former set up that I mentioned, it can be done with ladder bars and four link suspension set ups, which are by no means cheap, but at least there is no need to move the engine mount location to achieve your ultimate goal, it’s been done for years, and with great results without going to all the heavy modifications of moving your engine mount locations.

Once you have the suspension and chassis work all figured out, you can move on the the power plant, yes I mean that big hunk of fire breathing metal we call an engine, after the suspension is in place you can now figure out what that car is capable of handling as far as horsepower and torque, now obviously this is one of the really fun parts of the job, I don’t know a single car guy that doesn’t like to brag about his engine, and the power that it makes, but if the rest of your car can’t handle the power, then it’s 100% useless to have it on tap, the power can get you killed, if the car can’t handle it.

It’s absolutely imperative that you are able to brig that mass of metal and horsepower to a stop also, there are a lot of things to think about, and you can’t afford to leave even one of them out of the picture, if you do it could be at the risk of your own safety, and that’s no fun at all, you need to know that you can trust your car to do what it’s supposed to do at all times, you need to be able to develop that bond with your car like it’s a part of you, when you sit in the driver seat and fire the car up, you and it need to become as one, you need to know that you can handle the car, and the car deliver what you expect without putting your life at risk.

Exotic Super Cars In London

London has been the hot spot for several years now when it comes to exotic cars. Wealthy tourists from the Middle East visit the European city during the summer months in order to escape desert heat and when these billionaires travel, they like to bring their cars with them along for the ride. The cost to ship over a car from the Gulf is not cheap; it’s around fifteen thousand dollars each way. You’ll find a plethora of exotic cars in the area around Knightsbridge; cars you will be able to spot include Ferrari’s Bentley’s, Maybach and Rolls Royces.

Most of the car owners are from UAE but some are from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and even Iraq. You can spot the cars right away by the foreign license plates. Many of the cars have been modified and are painted in bright colors including gold, silver, pink and yellow. London has surpassed Monte Carlo and Monaco as the exotic car capital of the world. Even though these cars can easily reach speeds of over 200 mph, many end up being driven in first gear due to gridlock traffic.

One of the most rarest cars spotted in London is the Koeningsegg CCX. It is one of the most expensive cars in the world with a price tag of over a million dollars. The CCX made its grand debut at the Geneva Motor Show and has been a sensational hit with automotive enthusiasts ever since. The engine is a V8 4.7 Liter. The CCX can accelerate from 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds which makes it one of the fastest exotic cars in the world. It’s a gorgeous 2-door roadster meant to impress and it is definitely one of the rarest hyper cars in the world. Top speed for the CCX is 245 miles per hour. The CCX actually beat the Mercedes SLR Mclaren in head to head racing competition.

So who do these cars belong to? Some of the owners are businessmen while others are members of various royal families. The majority of cars are from the UAE and a Qatar while a few are from other Middle Eastern countries including Iraq.

Many automotive enthusiasts enjoy admiring these exotic super cars and capturing video footage of them in action. There are many videos online which show these cars driving through the London streets. It looks like London is becoming the hyper car capital of the world.

Understanding The Basics Of Automotive Repairs

A car is considered as precious piece of possession by most car owners. However, it is quite obvious that these machines may often face mechanical issues if proper care is not taken of them. Although there are laws which protect the car owners from unfair auto repair estimates, it is always better to know the basic of automotive repairs. It has been observed that numerous car owners all across the US, including residents of cities like Longview and Jacksonville regularly browse through the internet to update themselves of ways to get accurate car repair estimates.

In case you are not able to diagnose the problem with your car, the only option left would be take it to a mechanic. However, there are some guidelines that you must follow to have a clear idea about the authenticity of the estimate given by the car repairman:

1. If you hear any unusual sound from your car, especially when it is not in motion try to trace it. For example, in case you hear a squeaking sound coming from under the hood, it may be possible that you will have to replace the pulley belt. On the other hand, difficulty while shifting to a different gear may be due to a problem with the transmission. Best option for you would be to type the symptoms on any search engine online and you will get a list of possible reasons behind the problems.

2. Regularly check the various electronic parts of your car, like radio, head and tail lights. If any of these malfunctions then most probably the car battery is the main reason. It has been observed that most residents in a number of cities in Texas, like Longview and Henderson prefer to take care of car battery related issues themselves.

3. It is always wise to have an idea of the estimate of repairing the defects of your vehicle. You may do this by going through various auto repair guide books. Most of these books even give you a rough idea of how long the repair will take.

4. Make full utilization of the internet by finding out the charges of various replacement auto parts. You may also visit the local auto parts store where you can get discounts if there are any.

In case your car is facing some serious mechanical snag and you want to get the services of an expert in automotive repairs – Longview and Tyler are some of the cities in Texas where residents can hire mechanics from Gordy’s Automotive Super Center. They specialize in any mechanical problem with your car like brakes, alignment, and so on. For further information on their payment options you may visit their website, at