Make It Your Car – The Fun Factor

When it comes time to restore your classic car, you need to give some serious thought about what you want to do with the car, this will help determine how much money you’ll be spending on the car, now I realize that the plan can change as the work continues, but if you have a good plan about what it needs to be when it’s finished that work will progress a lot more smoothly, and this will always make the job a more enjoyable one, and one of the reasons that people restore their cars is so they can have fun with it, and make it their own car when it’s done.

If you would like a car that will handle through the corners, then you’ll need to think about spending some cash on the suspension and chassis, you’ll also need to think about what engine you want to run in the car, and the weight distribution of the engine, usually if your looking for a car that will provide thrills in the corners, you would think about upgrading the steering, and suspension to make the car do what you want it to do, and you might want to go that extra mile and move the engine back a few inches to re-distribute the weight more to the center of the car, this of course is a huge expense, and a lot of modification.

Now if your more of a 1/4 mile man, you’d need to think about getting the weight more to the back of the car, so when you roll up to the line for your launch, and rev it up, and put the power to it, the rear of the car will squat down to put the power of the car to the pavement, this can be achieved a lot more cheaply then the former set up that I mentioned, it can be done with ladder bars and four link suspension set ups, which are by no means cheap, but at least there is no need to move the engine mount location to achieve your ultimate goal, it’s been done for years, and with great results without going to all the heavy modifications of moving your engine mount locations.

Once you have the suspension and chassis work all figured out, you can move on the the power plant, yes I mean that big hunk of fire breathing metal we call an engine, after the suspension is in place you can now figure out what that car is capable of handling as far as horsepower and torque, now obviously this is one of the really fun parts of the job, I don’t know a single car guy that doesn’t like to brag about his engine, and the power that it makes, but if the rest of your car can’t handle the power, then it’s 100% useless to have it on tap, the power can get you killed, if the car can’t handle it.

It’s absolutely imperative that you are able to brig that mass of metal and horsepower to a stop also, there are a lot of things to think about, and you can’t afford to leave even one of them out of the picture, if you do it could be at the risk of your own safety, and that’s no fun at all, you need to know that you can trust your car to do what it’s supposed to do at all times, you need to be able to develop that bond with your car like it’s a part of you, when you sit in the driver seat and fire the car up, you and it need to become as one, you need to know that you can handle the car, and the car deliver what you expect without putting your life at risk.