The Rise of Korean Car Industries

We would usually have a preference when it comes to automobiles and a certain country would come into mind depending on what we are looking for in a vehicle. We usually think English when it comes to super cars or German when it comes to luxury sedans. Reliability also comes into mind when we think of Japan. This was actually true a couple of years back but things have changed most recently and Koreans are now making their way into the automotive market. True that they have been around for a considerable number of years now and yet they did not get the attention they had hoped for because of the question on quality and styling particularly Hyundai.

We have seen quite a number of models from Hyundai but most of the models that caught our attention were the more functional ones like the vans and the trucks. Sadly the sedans and SUV’s that the company offers is quite not at par with the taste that people have in automobiles. Their design is 5 to 10 years behind the Japanese cars that we grew fond of.

Until much recently we have seen some awesome design changes in all their models and it seemed that the wait was actually worth it. The line has been redesigned and each one is now carrying a certain identity that will more likely bring Hyundai the market share they have aimed for in such a long time.

Hyundai’s flagship model the Sonata has always been an eye catcher for me ever since I was a kid but when set against the higher end sedans that is competing with, I am easily swayed to look at the other cars. In the late 90’s the Hyundai Coupe was a really cool sports car but if you set it right beside the Toyota Celica produced that same year, it seemed that Hyundai lagged behind in their design.

As mentioned this is no longer the case for Hyundai. Slowly the brand is getting rid of the stereotype of Hyundai being a cheap brand. We all know that cheap does not really have an all positive connotation. Little by little this is being replaced with something a bit more positive. One model that has captured the imagination of car lovers all over the world is the Hyundai Genesis. Even the British show Top Gear had praised it for the performance numbers it churns out. The V6 engine used on the car is able to produce the 345bhp that can propel the car up to 152mph or 245kmh which was not really something that was expected of the older models.

As for the SUV market, the Hyundai Santa Fe is turning heads. It has an amazing engine and can even be a great cross-country vehicle. It started out as a compact cross over SUV and back in 2007 it then became a mid-size cross over vehicle. Hyundai definitely placed a lot of thought on the new model since it already has the variations on engine that can even reach 290bhp.

All in all Korea is definitely rising up to the challenge of the automotive industry. If they keep this up they are going more likely to get a bigger share of the market with all the lines they are releasing models for. Who known, in a couple of months you might find yourself driving one right into your garage.